En Voitures, editorial for
On the Sunday 4th of June, we left Paris together with my friends, took a trip to the Baie de Somme. It was a one day journey with (in order of apperance) :

Irène Julier / Hélène Laporte-Bisquit / Nausicaa Pasaris / Todor Andréevski / Henri Crabières / Théo Ravatin-Kirnidis / Raphaël Julier / Jake / Dohyeon Eom / Jeanne Pochan / Ingrid Bailly / Lucille Leger / Jean-Daniel Pellen / Alexia Vervandier / Bernard Ghezi / Marie François / Adriana Ernote / Yoan Morel / Fanny Lallart / Jacques Pellen / Cordahlia Sindilaire / Boris Trichereau

Photo assistant : Constantin Kyriakopoulos
Second assistant : Robin Voisin
Production / stylist assistant : Laetitia L’Heureux
Set design : prostipute&co (Laetitia L’Heureux / Todor Andréevski), Louise Crabières
Post-production : Mario Schimberni from L’Illusionista, Post Production service from Circus Studios, with the support of the Freaks.

Many thanks to Alessandro Villata / Simone Pallotta / Jérôme Gorce, from PhotoExpress (dijon)

A special thank to Mulberry who has been incredibly supportive to the story