Credits, editorial for
Photography : Hubert Crabières
Styling : Sid Yahao Sun
Photo assistants : linnéa Gerrits / Robin Voisin

These 31 persons who reunited in these photos are my friends, my models, my family. The backgrounds and decorations inside are part of the place where I live and work. I had this idea of a picture where all these people gathered, wearing all splendid clothes and transformed into a strange and colourful landscape. It was my encounter with Sid Yahao Sun that let me achieve this project.

With :

Todor Andréevski / Laetitia L’Heureux / Ingela Gerrits / Linnéa Gerrits / Cor Gerrits / Alexis Etienne / Béatrice Crabières / Désiré Mwamba / Souen le Van / Léopold Mialet / Jean-Baptiste Mariotte / Zaragoza / Geoffroy Crabières / Marie Gregorio / Thibaud Renzi / Ángela Jiménez Durán / Julien Roche / Jacques Pellen / Henri Crabières / Nathanaël Ruiz de Infante / Théo Ravatin-Kirnidis / Jake / Louise Crabières / Jean-Baptiste Crabières / Raphaëlle Etienne / Fanny Olivier / Fanny Lallart / Jean-Daniel Pellen / Constantin Kyriakopoulos / Bernard Ghezi / Nausicaa Pasaris with the help of Robin Voisin / Linnéa Gerrits and Clément Boute.